Every business owner dreams of establishing an enterprise that will thrive. This is especially true of anyone getting into the luxury car rental service. The dream of having a fleet of luxury vehicles and clients streaming in every day to hire them thus raking in thousands of dollars in profits is mouthwatering.

It is however worth noting that the luxury car rental service is not a bed of roses or an easy cash cow as some would believe. Here are 3 things you must know before making the decision to venture into this business.

#1 The business is an insurance nightmare

Most people’s aspirations to get into the luxury car rental service have been extinguished as a result of the complications that arise form insurance. This is because there are very few insurance companies willing to insure high end luxury cars and this results in them charging very high premiums.

In addition, these companies will only offer up to a maximum of three claims. Going beyond this may lead to them cancelling the policy. This is a very small number for a car rental service considering the frequency of the vehicles being in the hands of the clients.

#2 The business requires very thorough security measures

The fact that you are renting out a high end car to a client you barely know is in itself a security risk. As a business owner in the luxury car rental space, you need to be aware that you will often be required to go above and beyond to ensure the security of your investment.

This may involve carrying out background checks on potential clients to learn more about their criminal history or lack thereof as well as their driving record and credit rating. It is also very important to install state of the art GPS tracking systems. All these measures are meant to safeguard your vehicles before as well as while in the hands of the client.

#3 Luxury cars depreciate very fast

In order to be successful in the luxury car rental service, you must be fully aware of the laws of depreciation value of assets specifically high end luxury vehicles. Experts in the auto industry will affirm that a good number of high end luxury vehicles will depreciate by as much as $100,000 within the first year.

This basically becomes a challenge especially when you want to replace your fleet with newer models that are on trend. This is mainly a challenge faced by business owners who opt for buying rather than leasing. It is therefore important for you as a luxury car rental service provider to have a plan in place on how you intend to dispose of your fleet without suffering loses brought about by depreciation.

It is important to note that these 3 points are not meant to discourage you from getting into the luxury car rental service but are rather meant to help you prepare better for this venture. The key to success in any business is knowing early enough the challenges you are likely to encounter and figure out ways of countering them.

We trust you are well on your way to establish your luxury car rental service.…

Land Rover the original SUV 4×4

Land Rover has long since established itself as one of the leading 4×4 SUV’s and has produced vehicles high-quality SUV’s that are not only rugged vehicles that can handle any terrain but have been built to stand the test of time.  The Range Rover is one of these SUV’s that bears the Land Rover badge with pride as it not only boasts the exceptional engineering of Land Rover but has all the creature comforts and technology that enables the driver to cruise in the utmost luxury and style.

5 Reasons to rent a Range Rover

#1 Comfortable and spacious seating
The soft leather massage seats of the Range Rover are designed to comfortably seat adults in the back with plenty of space and legroom.  It has an elevated seat for the driver that makes it really suitable for any driver of any size to get behind the wheel.

#2 Powerful quiet efficiency
The new Range Rover has a refined aluminum engine which is a lot quieter than most diesel engines.  It is also an SUV that has low CO2 emissions of 29 g/km2. It also offers a rather impressive fuel efficiency for a vehicle of its class with its official fuel economy rating of up to 67.3mg.

As the engine is a lot lighter you will feel the benefits of a greater bottom acceleration and increased torque.

#3 Excellent Road handling
This high riding SUV handles the road with a sharp precise accuracy and tends to have an excellent grip on the road navigating those twisty bends with an effortless graceful ease.  It has a special Wet Grass launch which stops the vehicle from slipping when pulling off or driving on wet, slippery or snowy surfaces.

#4 4×4
As a 4×4 it can handle any terrain without much effort at all, its cleverly designed suspension taking the knocks of potholes and rough roads with little to no discomfort for its passengers adding to the off-road experience and enjoyment for the adventurous types.

And even those who are not used to driving in off-road conditions will benefit from the vehicles “All-Terrain Coach” with is a tutorial system in the vehicle that is designed to help the drive to set up the off-road driving conditions in order to ready the car for the type of terrain it is about to tackle.

#5 Latest technology, good safety rating and kinder to the environment
With a five-star safety rating and improved safety features make it a great choice for a family vacation.  With features like its Autonomous Emergency Braking system that will automatically apply breaks should it sense an imminent crash.

hilst the Lane-Keeping assist that combined with the digital onboard rear camera will keep the car in its lane. All the latest advanced technology, navigation and entertainment system displayed on a large HD touchpad screen.


Range Rover is great for a family holiday as the car’s seating allows for the comfort and safety for passengers and driver alike.…

To be fair, luxury travel abroad over the years has been making leaps and bounds as countries get better financially and the effect trickles down to its citizens. May—and its closeness to summer—has also emerged as a premier time to be traveling. This is because of the discounts and the different promos that airlines usually conduct during the said month.

Along with this, each year has presented a different travel opportunity from the last. The Internet became beaming with holidays that can be booked at the click of a mouse. It was also filled with different promos and deals that made flying affordable.

Here are a few trends meant to make luxury travel more luxurious and even futuristic.

Exclusive Private Jets become more…Exclusive

Some people just have more money to spend than others. If you’re one for the exclusive crowd, you’ll have a new exclusive deal to look at. Flying gets more luxurious as Surf Air arises. A kind of Uber for the jet-set crowd, it offers limitless private scheduled flights for £1,750 per month.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though; another airliner, Crystal Cruises, offers you their private charter jets. Remote Lands offers you an exclusive package too, but be prepared to dish out serious money—the costs range anywhere from £42,685 an hour to £89,000 per person.

Millennial Cruise Habits

Today’s generation has been made into nomads who crave traveling, and travel agencies have stepped up to meet those expectations. They can take a cruise along the Mekong during festivals or just relax via trips provided by Aqua Expeditions.

Meanwhile, Uniworld Botique River Cruises caters to the Ibiza and Baja crowd with their sleek black party cruises. There’s also the Norwegian Cruise Line’s on-sea track for adrenaline junkies.

The Modern Jetsetters

Who says work has to remain in the office? The digital age has allowed for more freedom from the cubicle lifestyle. Offices have now started to espouse the remote work lifestyle and, to most people experiencing this for the first time, this means working while traveling. Take Brownell Travel’s ‘soujourns’ and co-working spaces like those WeWork provides. These allows for people to be far from home and yet continue working.

Bridging Generations

Millennials aren’t the only generation with a hankering for travel. Baby boomers—traditionally unable to travel, yet yearning to do so—may also be beginning to realize their dream of taking family vacations.

This means travelling to Africa for a Safari or going over to Australia for a travel across the continent. Travel agencies like Brownell Travel and Lindbald Galapagos Expedition caters to these luxury travel plans abroad that these people see as a reward for a lifetime of good effort.

Bringing your work abroad was previously unheard of; so is the other ideas seen in this list. However, as time goes by, technology is aiding even the jetsetters get their dream holidays together. Who knows what the future holds for these travelers and their plans?…

No one can deny that France is the most popular tourist destination in the world and your ideal romantic getaway. If you are planning your honeymoon or simply looking for a romantic vacation with your significant other, rest assured that this is the place that will guarantee irreplaceable memories for both of you. This is the reason France is known as the destination for love birds.

We have taken this opportunity to highlight 4 places we feel you must visit when in France. These places are famous for their scenic romantic views, delicacy, cultural heritage and awesome shopping experiences.

The French Riviera

The French Riviera is located along the Mediterranean Sea on the French coast. It is one of the most preferred romantic destinations for the wealthy and famous as it is known to ooze glamour.

As a matter of fact, one of the famous and glamorous events that take place in the French Riviera is the Cannes Film Festival that you should visit when you book a luxury car hire. This particular region of France is preferred as a romantic destination because of the scenic beauty and year-round perfectly mild to warm climate. The best climate to romance.

The Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is a popular romantic travel destination owing to its splendid chateaux, spectacular scenery, and picturesque vineyards.

This Valley stretches about 175 miles perfectly along the Loire River which twists and turns beautifully across fascinating chateaux and stunning villages. As always, you will get an opportunity to sample different wines from the many wineries spread out across the valley.

The Department of Dordogne

Dordogne is one of those romantic destinations that will require months to fully explore. What we simply mean is that this is an exquisite destination with plenty to offer.

From the beautiful chateaus to the scenic villages, as well as the famous Chateau de Baynac which is a castle on the hilltop. Dordogne offers awesome scenery as well as some of the best pre-historic cave art. It’s a destination that will make your friends envy your photo album.

The Island of Mont Saint-Michel

Located off the coast of Normandy, off the northwestern part of France, is the island of Mont Saint-Michel. If you enjoy the thrill of observing tidal waves as they ram through the rocks, then this is the destination of choice. This island is famous for having the most powerful tidal waves in Europe.

Popularly known as the tidal island, Mont Saint-Michel offers scenic views of medieval structures which are an architectural marvel as they appear as though the structures were just stacked on one another. Undoubtedly the charm of this island is the Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel which is a breathtaking abbey that was constructed by monks around 708 AD. A visit to this island is most definitely a romantic adventure.

These are just a few of the romantic destinations on offer in France and a good starting point for you as a couple. Keep in mind that France has plenty more to offer.…

See Paris in the utmost comfort of a luxury rental SUV. The best way around any city is in your own car.  An even better way is in the stylish comfort of a luxury SUV from Apexluxurycarhire.com/car-rental-locations/france/paris/ especially if you have a family and or are going outside the city limits.

4 Top luxury vehicles to rent in Paris

#1 The Porsche Cayenne Turbo
For a family, this is a great SUV and can handle both the city and countryside. Porsche comes standard with “the Porsche Principal” not matter if you are buying or renting their vehicles the company demands that are serviced and delivered to the companies exceptionally high standards to ensure the customer’s complete satisfaction and safety.

So not only are you getting an impressive high-performance 4×4 vehicle with exceptional on and off-road handling, superior and high quality added extras and interior design but also a vehicle that has its own entourage of mechanical, electrical and service experts at your beck and call should anything go wrong with it at any time during your trip.

#2 The Jaguar F-Pace
The Jaguar F-Pace won the car of the year award at the 2017 World Car Awards.

Designed to be able to take on any type of road in any weather this innovative luxury SUV has all the comfort, space and style.  Its innovative technology will easily help you navigate in all available locations just as well it will keep you thrilled with any off-road experience.

It is fuel efficient and have advanced safety features designed to keep the whole family safe but still have plenty of space to sit back and enjoy the trip.

#3 Range Rover Vogue
The Range Rover is a long time favorite and has all the space a family could want plus the luxury and esteem that comes with this SUV.

It has great features like a keyless ignition, rear parking camera and a smooth soft driving feel to it as if you were driving a luxury sedan.  But do not be fooled by its timid city driving style as this car can handle its own both on and off-road.

Having been in the business of SUVs longer than most other car companies Land Rover has all the features one needs to hit the rugged terrains and be a pleasure to drive through the bustling city streets.

#4 Audi Q5
The Audi Q5 boasts sleek yet rugged lines with its powerful engine and its all wheel drive make this car with its 7-speed automatic S tronic transmission and 3.0 liter V6 TDI engine a truly awesome vehicle to drive.
Its superior on road and off road handling make it a top choice for driving anywhere at any time when you decide to rent a car from Advantage.com.
Its spacious interior, luxury finishes and innovative technology are a great choice for anyone wanting to rent a luxury SUV.


Always remember to check the entire car when renting and to carefully document any defects before leaving the rental lot or if the car was delivered before you take possession of the vehicle.…

Individuals who get luxury cars on rent can enjoy many benefits. Getting luxury cars on rent at low rates is one of the major benefits of hiring the services of a luxury car rental company. However, various other benefits can be enjoyed by the renters. When you get a luxury car on rent to visit in comfort and style, there are hidden benefits that you get from the comfortable and convenient procedure of car renting. As a renter, it is important for you to be aware of these benefits. Luxury car renters can employ some ways that can help them in getting the best benefits of car leasing. Some ways that can help renters in grabbing luxury car rental benefits are as follows:

Credit Card

Luxury cars can now be booked online using credit cards. This has dissuaded the practice of booking luxury cars offline only through cash payments. Booking luxury cars on rent through credit cards offer some significant advantages to the renters. The renters not only get discounts for online booking of luxury cars but they also get valuable insurance plans covering the rental cars. This way the renters do not need to go through the hassle of buying car hire insurance plans.

Long-Term Renting

Renting a luxury car for a long term can serve as one of the least expensive methods of getting luxury cars at the best rates. You just have to keep in mind that the longer the rent period, the more affordable will be the renting rate.