To be fair, luxury travel abroad over the years has been making leaps and bounds as countries get better financially and the effect trickles down to its citizens. May—and its closeness to summer—has also emerged as a premier time to be traveling. This is because of the discounts and the different promos that airlines usually conduct during the said month.

Along with this, each year has presented a different travel opportunity from the last. The Internet became beaming with holidays that can be booked at the click of a mouse. It was also filled with different promos and deals that made flying affordable.

Here are a few trends meant to make luxury travel more luxurious and even futuristic.

Exclusive Private Jets become more…Exclusive

Some people just have more money to spend than others. If you’re one for the exclusive crowd, you’ll have a new exclusive deal to look at. Flying gets more luxurious as Surf Air arises. A kind of Uber for the jet-set crowd, it offers limitless private scheduled flights for £1,750 per month.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though; another airliner, Crystal Cruises, offers you their private charter jets. Remote Lands offers you an exclusive package too, but be prepared to dish out serious money—the costs range anywhere from £42,685 an hour to £89,000 per person.

Millennial Cruise Habits

Today’s generation has been made into nomads who crave traveling, and travel agencies have stepped up to meet those expectations. They can take a cruise along the Mekong during festivals or just relax via trips provided by Aqua Expeditions.

Meanwhile, Uniworld Botique River Cruises caters to the Ibiza and Baja crowd with their sleek black party cruises. There’s also the Norwegian Cruise Line’s on-sea track for adrenaline junkies.

The Modern Jetsetters

Who says work has to remain in the office? The digital age has allowed for more freedom from the cubicle lifestyle. Offices have now started to espouse the remote work lifestyle and, to most people experiencing this for the first time, this means working while traveling. Take Brownell Travel’s ‘soujourns’ and co-working spaces like those WeWork provides. These allows for people to be far from home and yet continue working.

Bridging Generations

Millennials aren’t the only generation with a hankering for travel. Baby boomers—traditionally unable to travel, yet yearning to do so—may also be beginning to realize their dream of taking family vacations.

This means travelling to Africa for a Safari or going over to Australia for a travel across the continent. Travel agencies like Brownell Travel and Lindbald Galapagos Expedition caters to these luxury travel plans abroad that these people see as a reward for a lifetime of good effort.

Bringing your work abroad was previously unheard of; so is the other ideas seen in this list. However, as time goes by, technology is aiding even the jetsetters get their dream holidays together. Who knows what the future holds for these travelers and their plans?