Land Rover the original SUV 4×4

Land Rover has long since established itself as one of the leading 4×4 SUV’s and has produced vehicles high-quality SUV’s that are not only rugged vehicles that can handle any terrain but have been built to stand the test of time.  The Range Rover is one of these SUV’s that bears the Land Rover badge with pride as it not only boasts the exceptional engineering of Land Rover but has all the creature comforts and technology that enables the driver to cruise in the utmost luxury and style.

5 Reasons to rent a Range Rover

#1 Comfortable and spacious seating
The soft leather massage seats of the Range Rover are designed to comfortably seat adults in the back with plenty of space and legroom.  It has an elevated seat for the driver that makes it really suitable for any driver of any size to get behind the wheel.

#2 Powerful quiet efficiency
The new Range Rover has a refined aluminum engine which is a lot quieter than most diesel engines.  It is also an SUV that has low CO2 emissions of 29 g/km2. It also offers a rather impressive fuel efficiency for a vehicle of its class with its official fuel economy rating of up to 67.3mg.

As the engine is a lot lighter you will feel the benefits of a greater bottom acceleration and increased torque.

#3 Excellent Road handling
This high riding SUV handles the road with a sharp precise accuracy and tends to have an excellent grip on the road navigating those twisty bends with an effortless graceful ease.  It has a special Wet Grass launch which stops the vehicle from slipping when pulling off or driving on wet, slippery or snowy surfaces.

#4 4×4
As a 4×4 it can handle any terrain without much effort at all, its cleverly designed suspension taking the knocks of potholes and rough roads with little to no discomfort for its passengers adding to the off-road experience and enjoyment for the adventurous types.

And even those who are not used to driving in off-road conditions will benefit from the vehicles “All-Terrain Coach” with is a tutorial system in the vehicle that is designed to help the drive to set up the off-road driving conditions in order to ready the car for the type of terrain it is about to tackle.

#5 Latest technology, good safety rating and kinder to the environment
With a five-star safety rating and improved safety features make it a great choice for a family vacation.  With features like its Autonomous Emergency Braking system that will automatically apply breaks should it sense an imminent crash.

hilst the Lane-Keeping assist that combined with the digital onboard rear camera will keep the car in its lane. All the latest advanced technology, navigation and entertainment system displayed on a large HD touchpad screen.


Range Rover is great for a family holiday as the car’s seating allows for the comfort and safety for passengers and driver alike.